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Friday, October 13, 2006

Hello and welcome back to clicker chatter. I found an interesting article this week while I was looking for "clickers for sale" (more on all that next week). This article is from ABC news and talks a bit about how clickers are being used on university campuses.

This article pointed out some info that I hadn't come across before. It seems that publishers are selling clickers with their textbooks (the clicker part costing about $25), the thing is because different publishers are using different kinds of clickers, some students might have to buy more than each semester. Because of this (and an increase in use of the technology), some universities are actually wiring up their lecture halls to include built in clickers. That way it sets up a "universal system" on campus which makes it easier for both profs and students. Pretty neat, huh?

This article is a quick read and pretty interesting. Check it out:



Blogger Lisa said...

If a district is big enough, and they order enough textbooks, often the sales reps are willing to throw things in for free. For example, free software, a free class set of textbooks, etc. I think it's great the same thing can be done for clickers. They realy seem like a very motivational teaching tool.


12:56 PM  
Blogger Tracy Sparent said...

That sounds like a great idea. It ties in nicely with your post from 9/27 about using clickers to ask questions when you are too afraid to speak up in class. Providing them with texts could be really beneficial.

2:54 PM  

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