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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Hi and welcome back to whiteboard blabber!

While searching for a topic this week, I came across an article about electronic whiteboards and people with disabilities. It seems that whiteboards are not so "people with disability friendly", and when using them in the classroom, teachers must be prepared for this.

What are some of the problems? People with poor eyesight will not be able to see the screen. And people with poor motor skills may not be able to use the whiteboard because they can't manipulate its mouse.

The following article from AccessIT tells of these problems and how teachers can prepare for them. It is a short and interesting read, check it out:




Blogger Tracy Sparent said...

I hadn't thought about that. Definately good to know for the future thought. Thanks.

3:50 PM  
Blogger Lisa said...

Interesting, as with any educational strategy or resource we need to consider the different needs of our students. I'm not quite sure if we can generically meet all students needs with any one instructional product. However, it should be the goal of all developers of instructional products to do just that: meet the needs of all learners. When it is not possible, the teacher or instructional designer, needs to use additional adaptations or different technologies to meet all needs.

9:42 AM  
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